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METMA's Journal

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1st February 2007

allex12:47pm: The new Harry Potter book release date has been announced.

I think we, as a group, should do something special.

7th January 2007

cieraparty11:05pm: WHHATTT
oh my GOSH..... this is ridiculous. i was chizzy. hahaha. this is amazing.

i'm 16 now and i got engaged and pregnant (respectively), but am no longer pregnant. it was the most tragic experience of my life but i feel it's necessary to tell old friends because it changed my life so much. i now spend my life with a boy named chris, work full time, and hopefully will be attending the university of florida in fall 2008 to be an orthodontist.

i think it's amazing that the books that brought us all together still aren't done yet. well anyway, it's been years i guess, so i thought i'd say hey.

18th December 2006

speedyhobbit2:05am: So basically, Tricia felt the need to post in the METMA community jsut because it has been so long. How has everyone been doing? Who else aside from me has now hit their twenties? How is college?

...God, METMA is old now...

1st June 2006

allex8:05pm: Come to Jacksonville and you get

... free housing!
... no parents!
... the beach a mile away!

Yeah. It's nice.

1st August 2005

lauren12:51am: Yes, I AM flooding your friends page
Here's an interesting meme:

The Harry Potter Wand Test

Also, as Jess mentioned in an e-mail, there's a new links folder up at the Yahoo! Groups site for Facebook URLs. Add yours if you have one!

28th July 2005

hp_fanatic2227:12pm: Hi Everybody!!

I just wanted to inform everyone that the Official Mugglenet.com Live Journal Community has been created, and is officially open. It was created to serve as a haven for all Harry Potter fans, and can be accessed by searching the user name muggle_net or by clicking on the link below. Join, and share comments, questions, requests, suggestions, information, news, fan art, fan fiction, your love for the Harry Potter series, both movie and book, and anything else.


I hope to see you there.

I dont know if these type of posts are allowed. If they are not, im sorry. Just tell me and I will delete it.
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2nd May 2005

pie_is_good8:48pm: ...
emmys_ducks8:54pm: You suck, Biz ;p
officialbizness8:50pm: I posted first, emmys_ducks!

5th February 2004

dibscake5:36pm: Wow...
It's been a long time, huh?

I just remember when all the oldest members were in the 8th grade, and when I was a font nazi. Haha. And when we made a huge deal over Allex/Jess porn. Sometimes it doesn't seem so long ago, but wow. It's... wow.

I just figured I'd say hi... I don't know. Whatever.
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23rd June 2003

digitalised3:03pm: Wowzers!
Hay guyz, what's up in this room?

:] Anyway, I figured that since there is now an eruption of Harry Potter worldwide, I could, you know, kind of revive things in here. Wow, we now have something to talk about!

All right then, opinions about the book? No spoilers, please, in comments, as I have not gotten around to reading it yet due to wanting to re-read the series beforehand. Meh, anywhoo, critiques? Compliments? Anything?
Current Mood: curious

27th April 2003

allex8:28am: You guys are so lame.

"Don't bash the newbies, Allex! They have feelings too, Allex! You were once a newbie, Allex! Tie your shoe, Allex!"

I mean, honestly.

13th April 2003

officialbizness4:04pm: Who can be a bigger plebe in the comments thread?

I bet I can defeat u ALLZ!!!?!???!!@!2

10th April 2003

allex9:11pm: ALR sent me the coolest birthday card ever.

"May the newbies learn to type and the morons learn to spell (it's TWO L's, dammit!) May the camel spiders reign and the man whores never fail (or become vampires) May Orlando Bloom be hit by a truck and uglified and Draco Malfoy go soak his head (the big meanie) May you always remain so absolutely adorable and yet still capable of transforming into Harry (kawaii!) May you "alas" never be without an 'earwax' and you pen name with an extra L. :: luffs Jeanne ::"

30th March 2003

genuinefairy7:01pm: Daniel Radcliffe REVEALED
DA got the chance to chat with Daniel Radcliffe on the eve of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets being released on DVD and Video.

How did you feel playing Harry Potter again? Was it easier?
Playing Harry again was fantastic because the character has developed so much. As the books get darke,r it's presented me with new challenges.

What was Keneth Branagh (Professor Gilderoy Lockhart) like to work with?
Keneth has been an inspiration because he is one if Britain's most respected actors and one of the nicest men you could wish to meet.

How did you think Harry's future turns out? Do you know aything about book five?
I know nothing about the fifth book and I can't wait for it to come out. It would be foolish of me to try and guess what the brilliant mind of J.K. Rowling might have in store for us.

Of all the incredible set in the Harry Potter movies, which is your favourite?
The most incredible set was the Chamber of Secrets set. Very big and pretty creepy!

What is your favourite scene in The Chamber of Secrets?
When we are inside the chamber - very tense and full of action.

Did you ever get scared on the set?
No, I never got scared because, while it looks like i"m on my own, there are about 100 people behind the camera keeping me company.

How are things going with the new director on the third Harry Potter movie?
It is great having a new director, but Chris Columbus is sill around as one of the producers. I am very excited about [director] Alfonso Cuaron's ideas.

Is Hogwarts like your own school?
I am about to start a new school, so I'm not sure whether it'll be like Hogwarts. I only hope it doesn't have dungeons like Hogwarts, or a caretaker like Filch.

Are there any powers you wish you had?
I'd love to have an invisibility cloak - I'd be able to get out if tricky situations very quickly.

Is there one thing about Harry Potter's personality that you relate to and one you just can't stand?
I love the way Harry isn't afraid to stand up for himself. There isn't anything I can't stand.

Is Dudley really as nasty in real life?
Harry Melling, who plays Dudley, is one of the kindest and most generous boys I've ever met.

Is Hermione also a know-it-all in real life?
No! Emma is a clever girl but isn't a know-it-all.She is great fun and I get on with her very well.

How was it working with newcomer Jason Isaacs (Draco's dad, Lucius Malfoy)?
Jason is amazing. When he's off the set, he's always joking and telling funny stories, but on set he is very intense and extremely frightening.

Did you get on with the late Richard Harris? What about Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) and Dame Maggie Smith (Prof. McGonagall)?
The adult actors have always been great. Richard Harris told amazing stories. Robbie tells great jokes and Maggie is very funny.

When you play Harry, how much of it is acting and how much of it is yourself?
There will always be a little bit of me in there.

After the success of Harry Potter, did you become the focus of attention for girls?
Any girls who want to chat with me is fine by me!

There are tons of stories written about you. Are there any that aren't true?
I never read a word that's printed anywhere about Harry Potter, so I have no idea what stories have been printed about me. The only absurd story I was made aware of was about a boy who claimed to have re-voiced me in a couple of scenes. It was completely untrue.

How did you keep from getting bigheaded?
I don't think I've changed at all. You'd have to ask my friends but we do the same things we always have - the parties are just the same.

What's your typical day like when you're filming?
Harry is in practically every scene so I have a nine-and-a-half hour day from the moment i get to the studio. In that time, I also have to be between three and five hours tuition.

What is your ambition or goal in life?
There are so many things I'm interested in - writing, directing... Maybe I will do one of them, or maybe none of them.

REM and U2 are your favourite bands. Who else do you like?
I've developed a passion for punk rock and I love The Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks and The Clash.

What's your favourite junk food?
A cheeseburger and a Diet Coke.

What's your favourite and least favourite subjects in school?
My favourite is English and my least favourite is Maths.

I find this comment particularly amusing:
After the success of Harry Potter, did you become the focus of attention for girls?
Any girls who want to chat with me is fine by me!
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29th March 2003

dibscake2:59pm: What? A layout? For the Mettie LJ? Where?

That's right, folks, I finally got off my lazy bum and put together a layout. Thanks to digitalised for her help.

Poll #118276 Layout

Do you like the layout?

Sort of.

What about the color scheme?

Sort of.

Any suggestions?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. :D
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23rd March 2003

allex4:18pm: hay guys what's going on in this livejournal?

1st March 2003

katrrrina1:16am: BOO.

27th February 2003

genuinefairy7:19pm: lookie!
Lookie! There is a metma livejournal group!
Okay um... I'm chaotic kneazle from Mettie... if nobody knows my livejournal identity...
Alright, so mel and quacky know it, but whatever.
Well, I think I pretty much fit the bill, except for the bit where it says I live in America... which I don't... I live in Australia...
So, what do we actually post here? (ah, livejournal... the power of italics...)
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20th December 2002

baileyfish9:48pm: waka waka


What a lively, lively life we lead.

15th November 2002

dibscake7:22pm: Hello. I'm redoing this journal's layout, (Yes, I have xoe's permission. Scowl, scowl, you nosy people, you. ;D) and I need suggestions.

I already know that I'm doing the disjointed style, changing the font from Courier to 8pt Verdana, adding a scrollbar, and obviously doing a color scheme. But, thing is, I can't figure out what color scheme. I've done purples and reds and greens and blues and nothing works. So, please take a bit to answer to this poll and help me out.

Poll #75934 Colour Scheme

What should the color scheme for METMA's journal be?

Something else

Thank you very much. By the way, I also posted a makeshift style for METMA while the poll is still pending. I'd appreciate much if you voted for your favorite color scheme.

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11th November 2002

sh4g1l1c10us3:53pm: Ah. This is...quite dead. Woohoo what a big surprise. I'm all over LJ now.Mujah.

I never knew there was a metma community on LJ. *feels stupid* Ah well who really cares. I'll join anyway.

30th October 2002

oooootricia008:42pm: Happy belated birthday, Manders!
*grin* Our beloved leader is finally 16... I hope you had an awesome birthday, Mandy! Have fun terrorizing the roads of Florida XD

Sorry for the short post.

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27th September 2002

katrrrina8:02pm: *alarm clock rings*

Hey! Wake up, METMA group!

Lala. La, la. Okay...

Why does this always happen to these groups? The DJ one is just as dead. Lalala...

Anyways...let's get this at least semi-active. We need a layout for this. What do you think we should do? Any color/pic/theme ideas? Something HP would be nice...not necessarily the movie, you know...

Also, what are your thoughts about CoS? Are you excited ( I know I am :D ) about it or do you just want JK to work on OoP? Did you think the first movie was bad? At first I thought they could work on the details a bit more but after I got the DVD it kinda grew on me. On that note, if you didn't like the first, do you think the second will be better? I've heard that they're improving the quidditch scenes, that will be good, but I never really noticed the quidditch scenes looking really bad before.

Oh, and can't forget this poster...new...

I would be in the Bad Place, but since I'm 13 I guess I'm in the Good Place. XD

Katrina. Somebody better respond to this! I don't get this productive often!
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22nd September 2002

hanniballane8:46pm: FanFic: The Rough
Tell me what you think PLEASE! I'm tired of the same old mediocre fanfics with a bad plot and characters with no depth. I'm trying my best to remedy that.
The RoughCollapse )
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